Cushions and Canvas for Boat & Home
The cushions are wonderful! Thanks so much and I will be sure to refer you to many! :)
-Hilary, South Freeport, Maine

Foam Materials for Cushions in Maine & New England

Comfortable. Durable. Drainable. Everything you want in a form.

Many kinds of foam are available at Brunswick Cushion. EZ Dry or Drain foam are offered for exterior use.  Interior and exterior foams come in many densities, compressions and thicknesses. Memory foam can be laminated to standard foam to create your ultimate sitting and sleeping needs. We personally tailor and size foams for boat cushions and home projects to ensure an accurate fit.

Don't Know Which Foam to Choose? We Can Help.

We often make suggestions based on your specific situation, needs and preferences. We'll choose the right mix of foams for your job.  Or, you make the choice and we'll carry it out.

Foams are also available for direct sale to individuals and businesses.

Next Step?

Give us a call, email or visit our shop in Brunswick, Maine. Contact information here.

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