Cushions and Canvas for Boat & Home
I am nuts about the boat cushions. The berths are very comfortable, and the cushions look great. I could not be any happier about the color – fantastic!
-Mark, Camden, Maine

Custom Marine Cushions in Parsonsfield, Maine by Brunswick Cushion Company

We're Brunswick Cushion Company from Brunswick, Maine and we serve the greater Maine and New England area - including your town of Parsonsfield, Maine. Our products are custom marine and home cushions, awnings, outdoor furniture and more.

We start by visiting your boat at Parsonsfield where we'll create a unique full size template of each cushion area. These templates enable our skilled craftsmen to create cushions that fit perfectly and look fantastic. watch our interview by

Many Choices in Marine Cushion Materials from Brunswick Cushion Company

Not only should a cushion fit your boat, it should fit your lifestyle. Many people like our EZ Dry (drain form) because it drains water from a cushion almost as fast as rain can deposit it. Others like memory foam, the ultimate in comfort. We'll show you samples so you can judge for yourself. more on foams

Our covering materials are made by companies like Sunbrella. There are thousands of combinations of textures and colors to choose from.

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Use mouse to navigate map, zoom in or out. Your town is approximately 51 miles (straight line distance) from our shop.
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